SM Police Serve & Protect Thrasher

We are so grateful for the Signal Mountain Police. Officers Coulter, Gunter, Siler, Kennedy, and Foster routinely check in on us and advise us on increasing safety at Thrasher. This morning, we recognized Officer Gunter with a Panther Pride award. Later in the day, Officer Coulter revisited a fourth […]


Thank You, Red Bank Baptist & Girl Scouts!

Thank you to Red Bank Baptist Church for straightening the gravel areas, removing some of the old landscape fabric that had become a trip hazard, and sealing the wooden picnic tables. We are grateful to them for thinking of Thrasher again! Thank you also to the Frakers, Chamberlains, and Morrises […]


Our Teacher Leaders

Mrs. Connie McDade was selected to be part of the Public Education Foundation’s iPLC — a group of educators who join in professional learning about technology. On Thursday, she collaborated on a presentation about Google Classroom. (Mrs. Johnston was a member of last year’s cohort.) Also, our own Mr. […]


A Drama about Etiquette

The drama club presented a humorous skit about audience etiquette to an attentive student body last week. The skit poked a little fun at our culture’s addiction to technology and short attention span. But, fortunately, a very literal super-heroine swooped in to save the day. We were especially […]


What Stems from STEM

Mrs. Mies has had several and various groups of students busy lately working in and out of the STEM lab. She and Mrs. Johnson helped Mrs. Sutton revitalize the rain garden (with $1000 in donated plants!) Not only that, she had Mrs. Spino’s fifth graders bring the keyhole […]



First, you’ve got to watch this video. I promise, it’s short, it’s entertaining, and you won’t regret it. (Watch it to the end; in the age of testing madness, there are some really fantastic ideas that emerge in this presentation.) Then, imagine our delight when we walked into Mrs. […]


3D Printing

You know what’s exciting? Initiative. As in, several 5th grade girls approached Mrs. Mies, the STEM Lab teacher, and asked if they could start a girls’ after-school 3D-Printing Club. Mrs. Mies, who already spends tons of personal time on school-related work, said yes. It turns out, 3D printing is […]



We don’t usually have clubs in the primary grades, but Mrs. Bailey and a few teachers decided to experiment with a short-run LEGO club for first grade and then for second grade. It seems it was a big hit!


Chess Team

Thrasher has an amazing chess club on Tuesday afternoons. Bill Cheal took two teams from the club (one elementary and one primary) to the Scholastic tournament in early March. The Elementary team took 2nd place and the primary team took 3rd. Both teams are heading to the state […]


Thrasher University

This year, we started something new in professional development called Thrasher University. It occurs almost every Thursday, and teachers select a minimum of two to attend. Except, “attend” isn’t a strong enough word. Often, teachers are engaged in professional readings and videos, responding in online collaboration, and designing the learning for […]