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Panther Parents

September 12

We’ve had a smooth start to school! And, for some good news, scroll down for an announcement about Thrasher’s growth score.

Important Dates  

·       Sept. 14       Cross Country

·       Sept. 14       Homecoming Parade

·       Sept. 21       Cross Country

·       Sept. 23       Celebration for Education – MEF Event @ McCoy Farm

·       Sept. 26       Fire Drill

·       Sept. 27       Fall Pictures (Picture Day)

·       Sept. 28       Cross Country


We’d like to thank the Signal Mountain Police, Town Manager Boyd Veal, and Efficiency Engineer Paul Stone for taking lots of time to help us evaluate and revise our dismissal flow. We are nearly ready to implement the changes, which we believe you will find to be safer and more effective.

One thing you can do to help starting as early as tomorrow is to treat the front parking as “back-in only”.  This is especially important for folks that leave the school between 3:00 and 3:15. If you back in to the parking space, then you can pull out forwards and gain these immediate benefits:

·       You reduce the danger to walkers crossing James

·       You reduce the potential for a fender bender

·       Driving forward is just easier!

Coupon Book Sales

We had a strong start to coupon book sales with over 500 sold on the first day! Thank you so much!

Homecoming Parade

5th Graders may walk in the Homecoming parade. If your 5th grader is participating, do not drop him or her off at Town Hall. A shuttle bus will run from Thrasher to the Town Hall starting at 5pm. (More information is attached.) parade instructions.pdf

Thrasher TVAAS Score

TVAAS is a growth score. You may have seen that the district’s growth scores are poor. While school scores haven’t been published yet, we’d like you to know how Thrasher did. The highest score is “Level 5”. Thrasher received a “5” in every category and overall! Good job Thrasher teachers and Thrasher families!

Thank You

Thank you all for how you encourage our teachers, help your children with homework, and support the work we do at Thrasher!

parade instructions.pdf


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