Panther Parent #07

Panther Parent

October 15

We hope you had a great fall break with your family! We’re ready to get back to teaching and learning. At Thrasher, we believe high expectations honors children. We strive to balance an academically vigorous education with play, strong relationships, and regular ol’ happiness. We are so grateful for how you support these efforts at home!

Important Dates

  • Oct. 16 School resumes
  • Oct. 19 Open House at 6PM
  • Oct. 19 1st Grade and 4th Grade Field Trips
  • Oct. 20 Report Cards go home (K-2)/PowerSchool Opens (3-5)
  • Oct. 23 Social Services Coin Drive Begins
  • Oct. 26 Monster Mash 6PM
  • Oct. 27 Fall Celebrations/Costume Parade

New Dismissal and Car Line Route

On Friday, October 20, we will begin our new dismissal procedures for walkers and the car line. (The Town of Signal Mountain has put in a new crosswalk for us, so we are ready to go.) Please keep in mind that we are making these changes for the safety of our students, your children. The Town of Signal Mountain, the Signal Mountain Police, Parents, and Teachers all had a hand in this plan. Here are the main changes:

  1. All cars picking up children will approach on the southbound lane. (Cars should pass the new neighborhood being built and turn RIGHT into Thrasher.) Cars will not be allowed to turn left in the Thrasher Car Rider Line starting Friday. Buses will be encouraged to approach from the northbound lane if the route allows.
  2. The police officer will monitor the new crosswalk (near Lancaster). A Thrasher faculty member will monitor the crosswalk where in-coming cars arrive.
  3. Car riders should use the car rider line. While we can’t enforce this idea, we really need your help with this one.
  4. Front parking will be “back-in only”. We do not want anyone backing out of Thrasher during dismissal. It is much safer to pull out forwards.


October is Fall Conferences month. (We have Spring Conferences, too.) As teachers offer conferences, please take advantage of these. Our goal is that every Kindergarten-through-3rd Grade family has two formal conferences per year. Since the 4th and 5th Grade teachers see many more students, our goal is for 4th and 5th Grade families to have at least one conference per year. Of course, we are happy to meet with you as needed throughout the year.

Please come to Open House

We’ve got Open House on the Calendar for October 19 at 6PM!

Yearbooks on Sale Now!

This year, Thrasher Elementary is providing a TreeRing yearbook! YOU CAN PURCHASE AND PERSONALIZE YOUR Thrasher Elementary YEARBOOK BY CLICKING HERE:

A few important facts:

  • Your personalized yearbook only costs $25.00.
  • You’ll need to purchase your copy and complete your free personal pages by March 21.
  • Your 2 free custom pages are optional, if you don’t customize you’ll receive a standard yearbook.

Get started by clicking on this link:

Pre-order promo: 10% off by October 30th —  automatically added at checkout.

Thank You

Thank you for being deeply involved in your child’s academic success. Thrasher is successful because we have the best teachers and very involved parents. There aren’t too many schools that can claim that!



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