Panther Parent #12

Panther Parents

November 12


Dear Parents!

We can’t believe it’s November already. It was so good to see you at the Monster Mash & Family Bash, the costume parade, and the classroom celebrations. And through it all, high levels of teaching and learning keep right on happening!

Important Dates  

·       Nov. 15       Fire Drill

·       Nov. 16       First Grade Field Trip

·       Nov. 17       5th Grade Visit to SMMHS

·       Nov. 22       No School

·       Nov. 23       No School

·       Nov. 24        No School

5th Grade Visits SMMHS

I am happy to officially announce this year’s 5th Grade Visit to Signal Mountain Middle/High School!  This event will be on Friday, November 17th beginning at 11:00 in the high school gymnasium.  Buses will pick up students at Thrasher around 10:35. Students will enjoy a fun pep rally, a tour of the school, an information and Q & A session, and lunch in our dining hall.  Students can purchase lunch or bring their own.  The event will conclude at 1:15. 

HCDE Board Meeting

At Thursday’s board meeting (5:30), Thrasher will be recognized for achievements in both Performance and Progress.

Coat Drive

Thank you all for your contributions to the coat drive. I’ve heard it was quite a success!

Food Drive

We’ll start the Signal Mountain Social Services Food Drive in just a couple weeks!

Related Arts

Physical Education

Our Thrasher Panthers have literally hit the ground running in PE this year. We have had a wonderful start to the year. Our Cross Country team had a great season and once again had the largest team in the county with 109 runners.


Coming up this month in PE….

  • K-2 Will be focusing on kicking skills and learn all about their hearts.
  • 3-5 Students will focus on kicking skills also, with more emphasis on soccer skills. They will also learn about Heart Rate (Resting and Max).
  • 1-5 Students will be working on a 6 minute endurance run.


REMINDER… Please make sure your child comes to school in running shoes on their scheduled PE day.


Kindergarten: Students will learn original Native American songs in preparation for their November Pow-Wow.

1st Grade: Students will begin learning winter weather songs as well as clapping rhythms that include quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth notes, and half notes.

2nd Grade: The focus will be on Tchaikovsky and “The Nutcracker Suite” in preparation for their field trip. Musical terms, symbols and notes are also being explored and identified.

3rd Grade: Focus is on Veterans and Veterans Day in preparation for “A Musical Tribute to Our Veterans” program followed by songs from around the world to support the third grade PBL.

4th Grade: Focus is on the five celebrations of December in preparation for the December “Sing for the Season” program. History, songs, and dance will be covered.

5th Grade: Focus has been on learning Civil War songs which will be sung for the fifth grade PBL. Songs from other wars will be covered as well as continuing with recorder and introducing new notes periodically.

All grades: A featured instrument will continue to be introduced weekly by a riddle written on the board.


Thrasher art students have been creating art projects reflecting the changing seasons. Fall has been a continuing theme in all of the grade levels art projects. Students have painted the fall colors, created  leaves using printmaking skills, created their own scratch boards for leaves and melted crayons on leaf designs.

The students have three contests to enter this month. Fire prevention entries are finishing this week,  the PTA Reflections contest deadline is November 8th and the Chattanooga Times Free Press wrapping paper will be due the end of November.

Thank You

Thank you for all the ways you were involved in Thrasher during the month of October. We loved seeing you at Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Monster Mash, and classroom celebrations. Teachers have thoroughly enjoyed the Happy Cart, too.



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