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Thrasher Team Selected as Finalist!

UPDATE: Thank you all for supporting our kids in the Bridge Innovate Design Challenge. Look what we received today! Thrasher Team, I am happy to announce that you are a finalist for the Best Overall Design in the Play to Learn STEM competition.  I would like to invite […]

Volunteer at Dash ‘n’ Bash for Thrasher!

Thrasher supports MEF because MEF supports Thrasher. MEF raises funds for the mountain schools so we don’t have to sell wrapping paper or popcorn. Not only do we hope that you support Thrasher through MEF financially, we hope you will volunteer (and wear a Thrasher T-shirt if you […]

Chess Teams go to State!

Both our Primary and Elementary teams won trophies in the regional competitions located in Athens, TN. Now, both teams will compete at the state level at the end of March! Tell them “Good job” and wish them luck! Thanks to Mr. Cheal and Mr. Kodsi for volunteering their […]

Kindness Matters

Mrs. Welch headed up a Kindness Matters movement at Thrasher last week. 5th Grade students held signs to greet kids in the morning. All students write down kind things other students have done and put them in a Kindness box in the lobby. We have some great kids!

What Stems from STEM

Mrs. Mies has had several and various groups of students busy lately working in and out of the STEM lab. She and Mrs. Johnson helped Mrs. Sutton revitalize the rain garden (with $1000 in donated plants!) Not only that, she had Mrs. Spino’s fifth graders bring the keyhole […]


First, you’ve got to watch this video. I promise, it’s short, it’s entertaining, and you won’t regret it. (Watch it to the end; in the age of testing madness, there are some really fantastic ideas that emerge in this presentation.) Then, imagine our delight when we walked into Mrs. […]

3D Printing

You know what’s exciting? Initiative. As in, several 5th grade girls approached Mrs. Mies, the STEM Lab teacher, and asked if they could start a girls’ after-school 3D-Printing Club. Mrs. Mies, who already spends tons of personal time on school-related work, said yes. It turns out, 3D printing is […]