Thrasher School Counseling Program

Counseling and Guidance at Thrashejanewelchr Elementary

Classroom Guidance

Developmentally appropriate classes are presented in every classroom using books, activities, and discaussions.  Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Character Education across grade levels
  • Kindergarten – Red Light/Green Light choices; knowing and following school rules; PAL – reinforcing skills for academic success; identifying personal feelings
  • 1st Grade – friendship qualities; tattling vs. reporting; recognizing other’s feelings
  • 2nd Grade – practicing good friendship qualities; career exploration; introduction to goal setting
  • 3rd Grade – goal setting; learning styles; skills to build confidence against bullying
  • 4th Grade – active listening skills; building empathy; decision making
  • 5th Grade – “I, We, and They” decisions; peer pressure; discussions and decisions about real life situations

Small Groups

At Thrasher there are a variety of small groups for students.  Among those offered are:

  • Friendship Groups – meeting with peers to make new friends and practice social skills in a safe, small group setting
  • Study Skills – building and reinforcing skills needed to be successful learners
  • New Student Lunch Bunches – current Thrasher students getting to know new students in a small, quiet, fun environment
  • Transitions – conversations with 5th grade students to build camaraderie and networking skills as they prepare for middle school.

Individual Counseling (examples include)

  • Helping students recognize and strengthen their abilities
  • Encouraging students during transitions between grades and schools
  • Providing support during personal crisis